What is Superuser?
Superuser is the app on rooted android phones that manages what other apps have access to the root user (see below). It also allows you, the user, to see what apps have used the root user and when.

What is the root user?
On a linux system (which android runs on top of) all users are assigned a user id (UID). The UID is what the kernel uses to keep track of, on the most basic level, what files the user has access to. There is a user called root, UID 0, that has read write access to every file and therefore can do anything.

So what does the root user have to to with Android?
On Android every app runs as a particular user. When an app is installed it is assigned a UID that above 10000. The UID that each app is assigned only has access to the files that are located in it’s own data directory located in /data/data. To access any other file, the app must temporarily take on a different UID, usually 0 (or root). That’s what Superuser is for, to allow those apps to temporarily run as root and give them access to parts of the system that they usually would not have access to.

What can root do?
Anything, which is why you must be careful with what you allow to have root access. Everything from removing preinstalled carrier bloat, to tricking the Android market into thinking that you’re in a different country, or backing up all of your game high scores so you can take them with you to a new phone. It can also do harmful things, like read your personal data from any app, delete important files, or even brick your phone. I’m not telling you this to scare you off of rooting, just making sure you know what’s posible.

Why do I see two different version numbers at the bottom of my Preferences screen (Superuser v3.0.6, Su binary v3.0.1)?
There’s two parts Superuser, Superuser.apk, which lives either on the system partition, or in the data partition depending on how it was installed, and the su binary which lives in the executable path. When an app wants root access, it calls the su binary and asks. The su binary will then call Superuser.apk if it can’t find the app in it’s list of allowed apps. Because the su binary is more difficult to update, and because there are risks involved in updating it, the bonary is only updated when it’s absolutely necessary. The apk however is really easy to update, so when I find bugs that can be fixed in the apk, or want to add a new feature, I can easily update it. This causes there to be a difference in version numbers.

What are the most current versions?
At the time of writing this (2011-20-22), the most current version of Superuser is 3.0.6, and the most current version of the su binary is 3.0.1. You can always find the latest version of Superuser here.

I didn’t install Superuser and now I can’t install it!
Not a question, I know, and it’s also (in most cases) not true. If Superuser is installed on your device, it’s either because you installed it, you rooted your phone (which installed Superuser), or your phone was pre rooted when you got it. In most cases typical uninstall procedures will not work because Superuser is installed to the system partition when you root your device, and the system partition is read only at runtime. It is possible to uninstall it, but your phone will not be rooted anymore. You’ll have to use either a terminal emulator or ADB. Here are the commands to uninstall it:

mount -o remount,rw /system
rm /system/app/Superuser.apk

That’s it.

I tried to update the binary, something went wrong, and now I can’t get root access.
Due to the wide variety of devices and ROMs out there, it’s impossible for me to get it exactly right every time. There are a couple ways to fix it. The easiest way to fix it is to download the flashable zip from here, place it on your sd card, reboot into recovery mode and flash it. The next option is to extract the su binary from the zip you downloaded above, and manually put it into /system/bin or /system/xbin, be sure to use chmod to set the file mode to 06755. Finally, you can re-root your phone by whatever method you used before.

Why can’t I update my su binary if it’s in /sbin?
The directory /sbin is a part of what’s called the boot.img. When your phone boots up, the first thing it does is unpack the boot.img, so anything that’s done to at runtime will be overwritten when you reboot your phone. Therefore I don’t even try to update the binary if I find that it’s located in /sbin. What you can do is contact your ROM or kernel developer and tell them to stop putting su in /sbin, or at a minimum, keep it up to date.

Why does the updater fail when it tries to remount /system?
Many devices have some form of write protection on /system that prevents it from being mounted as read/write at runtime. There’s nothing I can do about that. What you can do is try using ROM Manager, or just download the proper zip for your device and flash it in recovery mode.

Comments (72)

  1. 19:08, October 23, 2011Jeremy Shapiro  / Reply

    I have been happily using SuperUser, in combination with Autostarts and Autorun Manager on my Motorola Droid 2 Global to turn off the applications that start automatically and that I don’t want to be running. My carrier is Verizon Wireless. I think the phone was running Android 2.2. About two days ago, there was a gigantic (over 100 MB) update from Verizon for my phone, which is now running Android 2.3.3, and since then it won’t allow me to access root. I switched to SU Elite and tried downloading the latest binary update, but in the process of installing, at the point where it says “Gaining root access”, the error message “fail!” comes up. So it looks as though the new system is trying to prevent me (and SuperUser) from gaining root access. Is there any way around this?

    • 06:22, July 1, 2012Travis  / Reply

      I’m pretty sure when you update your device you lose root, you need to re-root.

  2. 13:45, November 11, 2011arman  / Reply

    Dear ChainsDD
    my phone is samsung galaxy s2 .I rooted my device but some time it hang and also when I run amplayer do not work and write*** the application amplayer(process com.skvalex.am player) has stopped unexpectedly.please try again)*** and it is shown when I mack a call.please help me to solve this problem

  3. 18:40, December 7, 2011Phil Riker  / Reply

    I have installed SU on my Motorola BRAVE (aka Defy). SU has ‘no apps’ on it’s screen. How do I get an app to su status?

  4. 18:50, December 9, 2011Sea Salt  / Reply


    I have a question about how the “superuser”-app works behind the scenes.

    As far as i know: The “superuser”-app can be used to grant root-permissions only to the programs, that I want. All other programs are still not running in root. Is this right?

    If I’m right on that… Why does only the app super-user does have root after rooting the phone via e.g. the zergrush-exploit and other apps still not have root permissions although the phone has been rooted? Isn’t there a security gap ?

    In my point of view it could be possible, that any other app could take the root-rights just like the app “superuser” does it. If I’m not right, I don’t get it, why only “superuser” gets root and all other apps can’t get root unless “superuser” gives them root…

    Isn’t it a security gap? I just don’t get it… how is this achieved?

    Is it absolutely (or nearly absolutely) safe, that no other programs can get root-permissions when I use “superuser”? As I already said before, I’m really curious about, why or how this can be achieved and “guaranteed”…

    Thanks in very much advance.

    Kind regards

    mr. salt

  5. 19:15, December 23, 2011Javier  / Reply

    I’ve rooter my Motorola Milestone with Android 2.1 with your great app. Now I update to 2.2 but I can’t root my phone. The error is that “su” app is not installed. You said that “The next option is to extract the su binary from the zip you downloaded above, and manually put it into /system/bin or /system/xbin” but either /system/bin and /system/xbin are directories that only could be written by root users :( I download “su” file but I only could put It in the sdcard, not in /system/xxxx directories. What can I do?

    Thanks a lot, Merry Christmas from Argentina

  6. 21:31, December 27, 2011Joe Streiff  / Reply

    Gaining root access… fail!

    Droid Bionic
    system version: 5.5.893.XT875.Verizon.en.US
    Android Version: 2.3.4
    Kernel version: vwm736@il93lnxdroid43 #1
    build number: 5.5.1_84_DBN-63

    v3.0.7 (41)
    Su binary v3.0.3

    Any ideas?

    • 11:01, May 20, 2012Fekkik  / Reply

      @Joe Streiff
      I’m having the same problem. I have a working su binary (I can gain root through adb shell), as far as I can tell, but when I attempt to update the su binary through Superuser it fails to “gain root access” :S This is on an ASUS TF101.

  7. 19:44, January 13, 2012Anthony  / Reply

    I installed Supersuer through the market place. Marketplace shows it as being installed. When I run the Superuser app it shows nothing is in the database.
    I tried to install busybox, it tells me that there is no su. I was under the impression that when busybox tries to install it would look for su and that would alert Superuser and prompt me to give it permission.
    If I log in through ADB where should look for su to see if it’s really there?

    I’m running a Samsung Galaxy S with the lates os.

    Any help you can give is appreciated.

  8. 04:08, January 30, 2012karl  / Reply

    I USED to have root access – now all of a sudden I seem to have lost it? More interestingly the App “OpenGarden” can’t get su privs of late: they are always denied (I’m on an original Droid). Where do I allow the app? (I can see in the log that SuperUser denies it – it used to not; I just cant figure out how to “un-deny” it)
    Any help would be appreciated,


  9. 18:33, March 5, 2012Dylan  / Reply

    I just downloaded and installed superuser 3 beta 4 and now none of my app can get superuser access nor can superuser update. Please help i have a zt c91 with android 4.0

    • 03:36, March 8, 2012Umair  / Reply

      buddy why did you download the beta when stable 3.07 update is available on market since Nov 2011. I guess just unroot and re-root the device again with a stable version of superuser.apk , i am no developer but that should do it.

  10. 08:36, March 7, 2012Umair  / Reply

    Hi i recently upgraded to elite version to support the development. I enabled the ghost mode and setup my own code to recall the app from dialer. I also setup a pin to enable root access for apps and allowed them 120secs (if not remembered). My task was to secure root access, just in case if someone figures out the lock pattern. In this particular case, i was trying to protect an anti theft app “Wave Secure” installed as a system application.

    It worked pretty well until i went to android application setting and cleared cache & data also was able to remove superuser elite. No more protection :) I rebooted the device and installed the elite version again, it went to ghost mode automatically but i was not able to recall it. (tried the default code as well). The pin protection however was not there anymore and i cant seem to find the app to fix the mess i made.

    Any ideas how to fix it without flashing the Rom?

    Should have tried installing the elite version as a system app :)

  11. 08:38, March 7, 2012Umair  / Reply

    BTW i am on MotoDefy running on CM7

  12. 04:29, April 24, 2012Pat  / Reply

    I’m on a Moto Flipside with 2.2
    I can’t gain root access with superuser. Can someone help?

  13. 05:59, April 25, 2012Robzy  / Reply

    I just updated to ICS 4.0.4, and seem to have lost root access with Superuser. Is Superuser compatible with 4.0.4, or will it be?

  14. 16:47, June 10, 2012Mike  / Reply

    I rooted my phone following the instructions from QBKING77′s video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9eaCtiS0Bo. All went well. There were no errors or problems of any kind. However, the superuser app does not do anything. When I launch the app, there are no apps in the list and no logs. My only menu choices are Go Elite, Clear log, and Preferences. When I try to remove applications that require root, I do not get a prompt or have an option to remove them. I cannot find a way to get applications into the list. It may be that I don’t understand how to use the app.

    Date rooted: 10 June 2012
    Phone: Samsung Epic 4G, SPH-D700, GINGERBREAD.FC09, Sprint

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • 18:02, June 10, 2012Mike  / Reply

      I should have looked harder for a solution before asking for help. My apologies. I now understand that all it does is grant permission (and it does it well). I am using Titanium Backup and it is also working well. If I knew how to remove the post I would.

  15. 22:05, June 29, 2012Marcos  / Reply

    Uninstalling the Superuser
    Doubt about the question “I did not install Superuser and now I can not install it!”

    In response mentioned in the question there is a passage that says:
    “It is possible to uninstall it, but your phone will not be rooted anymore”
    Excuse my lack of knowledge but when translated to my language the word “anymore” can take the meaning of “never again”. And then a question arises, you can go back to root the phone reinstalling the superuser? This only removes the uninstall app superuser or remove any component of the system?
    And I still could you please give more detailed explanations (a how to / step by step) to uninstall.
    Thank you

  16. 15:48, July 3, 2012GaoHan  / Reply

    The Mainland China can’t through Google markets buy elite version, this app support the PayPal pay for it?

  17. 17:57, July 21, 2012Doug  / Reply

    I have Superuser installed on my Droid Razr Maxx. I clicked the checkboxes next to temp unroot and OTA survival. Then I installed the OTA update of ICS. Now when I try to turn off the “temp unroot” it won’t do it. The check mark will not uncheck. Am I missing something about how to turn off the temp unroot?

  18. 12:28, August 9, 2012JB  / Reply

    Binary Updater Failed! Updating From to 3.1.1

    [Making sure new su works... fail!]

  19. 20:10, September 10, 2012Hamzeh  / Reply

    how to install SU binary?
    I have sony ericsson live with walkman wt19i

  20. 09:12, November 6, 2012wowa  / Reply

    This app is designed to fix update problems that come from mismatched signatures between Superuser.apk on your phone, and Superuser.apk on the Market. If successful, this app will let you update from the market even if you’ve had trouble before.

  21. 06:10, November 8, 2012Kartik  / Reply

    I just rooted my android and installed busy box and I want to unroot my phone is it to simply uninstall it directly from inside of app our unroot directly with out removing it

  22. 10:05, December 21, 2012kirito  / Reply

    I want to use gameCIH application , but I can’t use that.. HELP ME !!

  23. 11:59, December 27, 2012Irish  / Reply

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  24. 20:46, December 29, 2012Brandon  / Reply

    I was wondering if the source code for the application was made available?

  25. 02:09, January 10, 2013http://tinyurl.com/windkella39781  / Reply

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  26. 13:35, February 7, 2013SK  / Reply

    What does toggled do? I’m talking about the little broken android icon on the bottom left.

  27. 14:33, March 15, 2013Ken  / Reply

    I have checked that the Samsung Admire SCH-R720 is rooted. I have installed Superuser and it updated the binary. I go into system/apps folder and try to delete MetroPCS bloatware but the file will not delete. :(

    • 15:21, March 15, 2013Ken  / Reply

      I think it was an issue with the Super A Toolbox as Titanium works!

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  32. 13:04, January 12, 2014Peret  / Reply

    I deleted su data (through android applications management menu) to remove some apps from the ‘not allowed’ list, that I was not able to remove. I do not see why I couldn’t, so I deleted its data.
    Now, I cannot access to the application su, as it was hidden (and frankly, I do not remember how I hid it) and password protected (accessed typing *#*#…).
    I had bought the elite version, just to password protect (and I guess, to hide the application).
    Now, in the market, I see that I can buy the elite version, as if it was not installed. So, I do not know how to proceed, neither to access the su config options, nor to have elite installed. I have only deleted data!
    Thanks a lot

  33. 01:43, April 13, 2014feifelm1983  / Reply

    Good morning to all others. First, I use the translator of Google. So no loud booing please. : D

    If superuser, Su binary, Elite, SU Update Fixer further developed?

    I once read in another forum the superuser does not mix so well with SuperSU and may cause incompatibility?

    When I used to have 2 rooted my Samsung Galaxy Note with Android 4.2, I had allowed to install SuperUS logical white with it. I think after I then superuser and the others listed above app `s installed, there were complications. DAs made ​​evident from the fact that the boot is aufhinng my phone or if it was booted short time later, just like that! With friendly greetings.

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