Superuser Elite is the Premium version of Elite. It unlocks several premium features within Superuser, including:

  • PIN Protection – Secure your Superuser prompt with a PIN number so that nobody but you can grant Superuser rights to apps
  • Access timeout – Allow an app to maintain Superuser rights for a set amount of time, so that you can allow certain apps access without having to remember them or press allow multiple times
  • Ghost mode – Hide Superuser from your app tray and home screen. With ghost mode activated, the only way to launch it is by dialing a secret code into the dialer. The default secret code is *#*#787378737#*#*, but it can be set to whatever you want. Note that this feature will probably be disabled if your device does not have a dialer (tablets specifically).
  • Advanced log management – Set the log to only store a certain number of entries before deleting the oldest entry. You also gain the ability to set certain apps to not log at all.
  • Advanced notification management – Set which apps send notifications and which apps don’t
  • Toast notification placement – If you choose to use Toast notifications instead of Status bar notifications, you gain the ability to set where the notification will appear; top, bottom, or center of the screen, or the default location

There’s also several features that are in the pipeline, including:

  • A widget of some kind, probably showing the last several log entries, and maybe a couple basic settings like PIN toggle. I’m very open to suggestions about this.
  • Root console, so that you don’t have to look for another package when you need to run console commands.
  • Permissions browser, to show you what apps are granted what system permissions, along with an explanation of what each permission lets the app do.
  • Recommended root apps, a list of popular root apps being used by other users.
  • Granted/denied stats, a message in the prompt that tells you how many and what percentage of other users have allowed or denied the app that’s asking for superuser permissions. Data will be collected on an opt-in basis from all Superuser users, not just those with Elite.

I’m always looking for more features to put in, and am very open to suggestions from the users. If you have an idea for something that’ll make Superuser or Elite better, please leave it in the comments and I’ll look into it.

Superuser ELite is available exclusively in the Android Market, search for it or scan the QR code above. Cost is currently $1.00, or similar in your local currency. The price will increase soon, when 3.0 is fully released and available from the market. The app will likely be $3.00 at that point.

Comments (157)

  1. 00:22, June 23, 2011BigDEE  / Reply

    I cannot update su binary with su3 beta1. I can download apk and it installs over ROM su app but will not update su binary. Everything says “ok” but when it gets to update su binary it fails. I currently have su binary “2.3.2 efgh” and I have a samsung transform. Oh, yeah, I can update to new su app on market( and update to new su binary (2.3.2 efgh), but, I can not update su binary with su3 beta1. I am not sure if this is the most up to date binary, but su3 keeps saying binary is outdated.

    • 00:11, July 19, 2011BigDEE  / Reply

      Update: I recieved a sprint firmware update and, naturally, kernel update to match firmware. I now have updated su app and su binary with no errors. In email chainsdd told me it was because the developer of ROM or kernel placed su binary in wrong directory. Obviously, it was corrected by developer. Thanks chainsdd for help and thanks to the team for a great app.

    • 06:40, May 3, 2013Hassan bahrami  / Reply

  2. 13:50, June 27, 2011YoMan  / Reply

    Same problem here. HTC Desire

  3. 17:05, July 8, 2011rob  / Reply

    Same here. Tried to uninstall elite and still get the pop up in the notification bar to update binary when ever I try to open up a root app. It tries to update then fails when asked for root.

  4. 08:54, July 12, 2011luculuc  / Reply

    Same here. Having Superuser Elite is great but since the update and using the beta I keep on having (at boot and regularly otherwise) the notification that my su binary is outdated. Before that I had no problem at all. I am HTC Hero elelinux 2.9 (2.3.4)

  5. 01:09, July 30, 2011Johny  / Reply

    Hello Im on LG p500 just got updated to 2.3.3 and rooted, I saw your app. then I decide to download it, then I saw the Download ROM section of the app, then I was like hmmm this guy did much for the community why I don’t buy the Elite app and make my contribution to the community and as return I’d get some cool futures like the most popular ROMs and so on… so I can try ‘em. Im compleatly new to this, but I still got the BINARY outdated. Also Im not sure that there is anything to be downloaded from the market after I bought the the paid app. Was this a kind of a joke ?

  6. 16:07, August 5, 2011AdamLC  / Reply

    I enabled ghost mode and the default password doesn’t work in my sense dialer on my sensation. Is there anything I can do?

  7. 19:53, August 10, 2011jpolzner  / Reply

    I’m using a Droid Charge (TouchWiz) and the dialer string isn’t working in ghost mode for me either.

  8. 14:31, August 29, 2011subektu  / Reply

    please add paypal support for purchasing this app..

    • 08:38, September 28, 2011saumil  / Reply

      +for this :D

    • 03:01, October 9, 2011mespectrum  / Reply

      Same here

    • 16:47, October 22, 2012Dragoboss  / Reply

      Late answer, but I wanted to inform you, that this is not possible.
      Sadly, Google Play only accepts payments via “Google Wallet”, now, Google Wallet does not accept paypal payments.

      Thing is, if any app-developer uses another payment system but Google Wallet, their app will be removed from the Google Play store.

      -1 for Google :P

  9. 11:09, September 1, 2011zaphod  / Reply

    i have purchaced the superuser elite app but can get it to do nothing other than display a list of apps. I have no prefference screens etc. I have a rooted htc desire. Please advise.

  10. 22:45, September 16, 2011Floren Munteanu  / Reply

    I upgraded perfectly to Elite Beta4 from I really HOPE you will implement the Root console, is a must have for me. I do all the system apps uninstall with a terminal in my Galaxy S2 phone.

  11. 22:47, September 16, 2011Floren Munteanu  / Reply

    @zaphod: reboot your phone and click on the new Superuser icon. :)

  12. 05:14, September 21, 2011Gustavo Curiel  / Reply

    Hi: Same situation as zaphod
    “i have purchased the superuser elite apk but can get it to do nothing other than display a list of apps. I have no preference screens etc. I have a rooted htc desire. Please advise.”
    In my case, I have a rooted Samsung Admire. I rebooted the phone but the situation is the same, I click the new Superuser Elite icon and only the list of pref appls appears but not access to the the rest of Elite features or preferences. I bought the license from Android Market Place two days ago and installed find, please advise help on the matter.

  13. 00:07, September 22, 2011Matt  / Reply

    Hi, I have the same issue as Gustavo and zaphod. I have rebooted my phone several times but still, the superuser app looks the same and the elite app just shows a list of “featured apps”. I have a rooted motorola atrix with android 2.3.4. please let us know if we’re missing something. Thanks for the great work otherwise!

    • 18:14, October 4, 2011Matt  / Reply

      Just a follow-up… I updated to superuser 3.0 when it came out and now Elite works as advertised. Thanks!

  14. 01:04, September 29, 2011James  / Reply

    I had the same problem with the secret code not working on my ROM. Luckily my ROM does make the adb shell a root shell and I was able to recover without doing a user data wipe, which probably also works.

    The way I got Superuser to show up in the app drawer again was to do a manual uninstall/data wipe and reinstall. I deleted Superuser.apk (in /system/app for me) and the application data (deleted the entire /data/data/com.noshufou.android.su directory) using adb. I suppose if deleting the apk only makes new requests for root fail then you could do this from within Root Explorer and the like.

    After rebooting, Superuser Elite was back in the app drawer and uninstalled normally. Rerooting can be done however you like – those recovery zips that flash the Superuser apk and su binary would work if you find yourself in my position but your adb shell isn’t a root shell. I chose to simply push Superuser.apk v3 back into /system/app, set the correct permissions on it (chown 0.0 and chmod 664 to match all the other apks already there) and reboot one last time. Superuser was back sans ghost mode and I could rebuild my root app whitelist and reinstall Elite.

    Hope this helps someone.

    • 02:00, August 21, 2012justin  / Reply

      hey james, i have superuser elite on my phone n it roots on first boot for a lil while but update fixer messes up and binaries are outdated.. ive tried putting the binaries in a zip on my sd card and also ive tried archiving them on the sdcard all in the folder E:/ no success. i kind of understand wha ur saying up there but i think i wanna stick to flashing method. which would be my best bet since im using on 2.3.3 optimus s sprint ls 670?

  15. 09:39, October 5, 2011Kay  / Reply

    I accidentally locked it and could not unlock….
    can anyone tell me wut’s the pin number for Superuser Elite?!?

  16. 11:59, October 8, 2011Tony  / Reply

    Ghost mode string doesn’t work on Samsung Intercept. Would be nice to know how to start the application without forcing uninstall, maybe a terminal command or something.

    • 13:07, October 8, 2011Tony  / Reply

      The only way I could fix it was by installing Superuser3-beta4.apk. This brought the icon back to the drawer so I could go to preferences and remove ghost mode. I didn’t try the ghost mode pin after installing beta 4 because I didn’t want to be locked out again.

  17. 07:39, October 10, 2011Dave  / Reply

    Hi, I had recently rooted my Evo 4G two days ago with fantastic success. Tonight, I attempted to download the WiFi tethering with kernel and Superuser had been corrupted since. I created a backup two days ago and it solves the initial problem until I download another program and superuser force closes and does not work. Is there a way to fix this?

  18. 02:23, October 11, 2011Bill  / Reply

    I cant get super user to uninstall Please help me

  19. 18:18, October 12, 2011Dave  / Reply

    I noticed the update for the SuperUser but I still have the FCs with no more allowance of adding root functions. Thank you, btw. Any other way of fixing the problem?

  20. 01:52, October 14, 2011Edward P.  / Reply

    Dear AndroidSU.com,

    Would you tell me if your Superuser Elite will be able to root a phone with the following specs:

    Samsung Transform Ultra:
    Model number: SPH-M930BST

    Android Version: 2.3.4

    Kernel version:

    Build number: GINGERBREAD.EG29

    I will purchase your app if you say that it will be able to root this phone.

    Thank you,
    Edward P.

  21. 08:08, October 17, 2011Danny S.  / Reply

    Since upgrading my thunderbolt Bamf 1.0.7 with SuperUser Elite v3.0.5 (39) none up my root access apps work. I also receive a force close within the app every time I go into the app and press any buttons at the bottom of the screen. The resulting error is with proccess com.noshufou.android.su.

  22. 12:45, October 21, 2011Matteo V.  / Reply

    Hi. I bought Su elite times ago and never had many problems with it. I used to restore it on every (custom) rom upgrade with and update.zip script. I have always updated it with the higher su elite apk available. Su is usually included in my ROM instead, this has 3.0 in fact. This time I’ve done the same and also did a full wipe before the new install to have a clean platform.
    Now, let’s come to the problem!
    I have used the update script as usual and I have su + elite. I had backed up settings/apps. So I restored the backup. It says done, and it’s done because I see apps and right settings there, taken 100%. Problem is with the PIN. I am sure I remember it but it’s not accepted, says incorrect every time. Also, trying to use Root Explorer app, I see it asks for the permissions asking for the code and after the usual 3 times it grants permissions 100% silently! The fact is, I can’t change PIN and I always have to enter “some” 3 times…..what’s up!? Trying to restore backup again gives both a force close / black screen / right now inability to open su elite :S ….ideas!?

  23. 13:02, October 21, 2011Matteo V.  / Reply

    Updates…well, still the same, fc when restoring and every password is accepted after 3 times you put in something….

  24. 09:12, October 22, 2011Matteo V.  / Reply

    well, it’s official, PIN is “restored” uncorrectly. It’s taken but it’s taken wrongly at all. I reverted to 3.0.2 su (.5 crashed, I’ve just read the page about it), and I had to clean data for elite/su and then reset it all, restoring backups locks everything because the PIN is read incorrectly. Please fix this big bug when possible, thanks ;)

  25. 02:43, November 4, 2011Richard H.  / Reply

    Hi, I had SU and bought the Elite license on my Android 2.2.1 Motorola MB525 “Defy”. I have a problem in that Android SystemUpdater is being denied by SU and there appears no way I can allow it. It doesn’t appear in the Apps list. Is there any way I can get SU to allow SystemUpdater ?

    • 02:47, November 4, 2011Richard H.  / Reply

      @Richard H.
      BTW I’m using SU v3.0.6 (40) with binary v3.0.3

  26. 23:57, November 7, 2011Zach Ernesti  / Reply

    Will your superuser elite app root my phone with the following specs:

    Pantech Breakout 4G:
    Model Number: ADR8995

    Android Version: 2.3.3

    Kernel Version:

    Build Number: GRI40

    I will also purchase the app too if it will root this phone since nothing else has been able to root this phone.

    • 03:07, November 27, 2011austin  / Reply

      @Zach Ernesti

      Download the SuperOneClick 2.2 – unzip on workstation, connect phone via USB – check box on phone for unknown sources, and go into development and check box for USD debugging. Once done with that run the SuperOneClick 2.2 and it took about 30 seconds and the root was complete. Then I downloaded Titanium app from app store (the free one) – performed system backup and removed bloatware from phone.

  27. 14:24, November 14, 2011david  / Reply

    i have elite on a droid x. ran the market fixer. when i try to update to 3.0.3 the update fails because “failed to find currently installed su binary.”

    what should i do?

  28. 07:59, November 18, 2011fantazm  / Reply

    I upgraded to cyanogen mod to avoid fighting the google apps I am not permitted to use (gmail disallowed)

    I would like to upgrade to pin protection, but no gmail = no market

    Please provide a Paypal alternate upgrade purchase path

  29. 17:16, November 19, 2011austin  / Reply

    I too have a pantech breakout adr8995 2.3.3 kernel build GRI40 – unable to find any root for phone. If it comes available please let me know – i too would think about paying for root on phone.

  30. 03:26, November 22, 2011igor  / Reply

    I’ve LG Ally and latest Superuser (v3.0.7(41)) and su (v3.0.3). Whenever i run su from shell, i get root prompt without confirmation. Shell is not listed in the apps, and i’ve never configured to remember permissions. I’ve tried Superuser Elite and Fixer, no improvement. Previous versions (2.x) of Superuser and su work fine – requesting confirmation to grant shell root permission; this what i ended up rolling back to.

  31. 03:04, November 27, 2011austin  / Reply

    I just rooted my pantech breakout adr8995 with SuperOneClick 2.2 – and it works. Freaking rocks, once rooted I installed Titanium Backup (free version works) and removed bloatware from phone. For all new pantech breakout users, it works.

  32. 18:53, December 8, 2011Thomas  / Reply

    Your APP works like a charm, until Verizon pushed a software update to my phone. Now Superuser Elite is on the phone but it doesn’t recognize that I have root permissions anymore. Any ideas on the subject?

  33. 01:17, December 18, 2011Sven rau  / Reply


  34. 04:59, December 22, 2011Best Cheap Tablet PC UK  / Reply

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  35. 20:09, January 5, 2012ml48603  / Reply

    I snagged a copy of binary su from this site v3.0.3.2-efgh with actual file size 22,364 bytes (not size used on disk). Last week I downloaded an LG-Esteem.zip root kit which included the su binary v2.3.2-efgh with actual file size 26,324 bytes. Was optimized to reduce file size? Is 2.3.2-efgh modified with code specifically for root kits? Is it okay to update the root kit with ?

    Also, haven’t figured out when the Elite version PIN code comes into play and setting Ghost mode lock code results in dialer not being able to trigger Superuser Elite app to run. Are these problems addressed by the Update Fixer ?

    Superuser Elite Licensee2.3.2-efgh3.0.3.2-efgh
    Android Geingerbread 2.3.4 enthusiast with two LG-L45C Optimus Net Smart Phones

  36. 20:20, January 11, 2012Jeffe Paulo  / Reply

    I don’t understand why this isn’t working on either my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Android 3.2) or Evo 4G (CyanogenMod 7.1.0). I’ve tried the beta su, tried 3.0.7, tried installing Elite then Superuser, Superuser than Elite, unrooted and rerooted, and nothing. No pin, no checking sqlite, nothing different than the free version. Am I missing something? Does Superuser need to be in /system/app? Does Elite need to be also? Please help

  37. 16:17, January 13, 2012ml48603  / Reply

    Mr Paulo,
    I posted January 5th with much the same issue as your…no response from author. Is this forum where users with Superuser Elite problems are supposed communicate with the author, or is there another preferred method we are supposed to be using?

  38. 01:53, January 27, 2012Jarod Simmons  / Reply

    Pissed off, I bought this app and I can’t even get it to work. Where’s the activator, and how do I stop it from going into ghost mode automatically? Running Motorola XOOM WiFi Edition — (DOES NOT have dialer since it is not the 4G version)

  39. 08:36, March 7, 2012Umair  / Reply

    Hi i recently upgraded to elite version to support the development. I enabled the ghost mode and setup my own code to recall the app from dialer. I also setup a pin to enable root access for apps and allowed them 120secs (if not remembered). My task was to secure root access, just in case if someone figures out the lock pattern. In this particular case, i was trying to protect an anti theft app “Wave Secure” installed as a system application.

    It worked pretty well until i went to android application setting and cleared cache & data also was able to remove superuser elite. No more protection :) I rebooted the device and installed the elite version again, it went to ghost mode automatically but i was not able to recall it. (tried the default code as well). The pin protection however was not there anymore and i cant seem to find the app to fix the mess i made.

    Any ideas how to fix it without flashing the Rom?

    Should have tried installing the elite version as a system app :)

  40. 08:37, March 7, 2012Umair  / Reply

    BTW i am using Moto Defy running on CM 7.1

  41. 09:11, March 7, 2012Umair  / Reply

    Alright i have access to the elite version again , how do i install the elite license in the system directory so that it cannot be removed from android application settings. I already tried making a backup of elite.apk through Super Manager and copying it to system\app folder. Also tried the command install both didn’t work.

    I guess the license cannot be backed up as an installable .apk

    I hope you have a solution to what i am trying to achieve.

  42. 17:08, March 29, 2012fruit mocking party  / Reply

    Hello, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, very good blog!

  43. 12:12, April 15, 2012Baf  / Reply

    I donate for TitaniumBackup-Pro only because it was available out of the googlemarket. Please, do the same if possible, as I and many hate the idea to enroll to ggole business. Why not direct Paypal or F-Droid ?

  44. 22:34, June 14, 2012VIthe3rd  / Reply

    Ghost mode works to well….. the secrete unlock code is no good. It just dials it like a regular number and does not bring back the SU icon anywhere.
    Samsung Galaxy S 4G Aviator on US Cellular.

  45. 02:34, July 4, 2012Dewskizzled  / Reply

    please help, I finally just got my HTC Desire working the way I want except for increased ROM.
    Well this is it I’ve had superuser and Astro for some time . Well this morning I upgrade both.
    I have root uninstall so I backed up everything to sd card.
    I turned on superuser elite and i guess I hit the wrong one in the main screen, because my phone turned off and will not turn bak on.. please te ll me I’m not S.O.B.

  46. 06:36, July 6, 2012Brian TAN  / Reply

    Latest update of Superuser v3.1.3 still unable to update su binary from to 3.1 successfully. ALWAYS FAIL! AT “MAKING SURE NEW SU WORKS…”
    Please advise!
    Samsung Galaxy S with custom ROM (AllianceROM XXJW4 Base)

  47. 09:38, July 6, 2012Brian TAN  / Reply

    Update BusyBox and then updated SU Binary success!
    BUT when I start Superuser, I don’t see su binary 3.1 installed!!!!!
    WTF! I paid for elite version and all the updates are so buggy! Appreciate if you could advise. Thanks!

  48. 15:13, August 6, 2012mayur pataskar  / Reply

    damn my fone laggs so bad after this root thing… Using a Galaxy Fit

  49. 12:06, August 19, 2012isaac  / Reply

  50. 07:22, September 10, 2012SuperDan  / Reply

    I have not been able to get root to work after dozens of attempts over the last few months. I am with the Boost network. Additionally, after downloading it onto my Samsung Transform Ultra, my phone is losing more and more options. I think it is corrupting my phone?! It also will not let me uninstall it! Please advise.

  51. 11:00, October 23, 2012discover Here Now  / Reply

    I want to get one of these, but my boyfriend won’t let me!
    , annoying

  52. 01:46, October 26, 2012Gement  / Reply

    This page and many others say the Ghost Mode dial code ( *#*#superuser#*#*) can be changed. I can find no instructions for changing the code from the default; the display of the code is greyed out and read-only in my menu.

    Is it actually possible to change this code? If so, how?

  53. 20:00, October 28, 2012jack frost  / Reply

    When i type in the secret code into the dial-er same as yours as above super user elite does not launch and it is then not in the app tray or home screen. Would i have to install superuser and super user elite again.

  54. 17:25, November 16, 2012sante  / Reply

    damn! installed the elite license and the damn thing does not allow me to toggle pin protection and choose one pin. pin protection stays disabled . this is outrageous. totally wasted money.

  55. 20:07, November 26, 2012hsquare3  / Reply

    Hi I just purchased the Superuser elite. I am trying to grant SU access to Titanium Backup Pro. I have a Galaxy S3 and there are no apps listed in my apps list. Please advise. I cannot do anything with this product.


  56. 05:53, December 22, 2012Hoferichter  / Reply

    Ich habe superuser elite gekauft weil cwm mit an bord ist. wenn ich aber sichern und wiederherstellen möchte kommt nur die Meldung superuser (Prozess com.noshufou.android.su) wurde unerwartet beendet. auch kein Neustart hilft. was soll ich tun?

  57. 11:24, December 30, 2012iron2000  / Reply

    Superuser Elite crashes when trying to change per app notification/logging on CM10.1.

  58. 08:59, January 1, 2013Mark  / Reply

    this app is bullshit.

  59. 15:03, February 1, 2013sergnite  / Reply

    Good shit

  60. 22:26, February 7, 2013TRTN  / Reply

    I have superuser Elite on my Galaxy Tab 67.0 Plus, but there is no bin/su. Titanium Backup refuses to run, even if I launch it from your program. It says I am not rooted. I successfully run Root Explorer, ADB wireless, My Bacjkup Pro in root mode. How can I give new apps root using your program?

  61. 18:56, February 17, 2013Kevin Chadwick  / Reply

    Similar to Sudo which I guess hasn’t been utilised as a basis due to Android being so annoyingly app centric and having hard coded users.

    So I guess android su adding users (wit new uids) so the shell can be used more safely is completely out of scope but have you considered having seperate pins for permittance and app list changing and perhaps nopin required for app x options.

  62. 20:56, March 13, 2013mahbubur rahman  / Reply

    check this link u will be solve this problem easyly :)

  63. 10:56, March 14, 2013Alexx Perezz  / Reply

    Custom LED Notifications will be another awesome feature, i have superuser and if that was included in SU Elite, i will buy it in a heart beat!!

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  65. 08:17, May 27, 2013lastredwitch  / Reply

    Can’t update to 3.1.1 Even tried manual move of down load .. Lost all su access. Rerooted to fix but it back reed.

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  70. 04:15, June 21, 2013tiffany  / Reply

    I have super user elite and i forgot my pin….help

  71. 20:45, June 23, 2013Anthony  / Reply

    I purchased SU Elite and installed it on my rooted SGS2 GTi9100. it does everything it supposed to except backing up the permissions list, which was the primary reason for buying the Elite upgrade. What gives. all it does when selected is freeze my handset.

  72. 00:36, June 24, 2013Jarrod  / Reply

    I got su elite and I don’t know how to use it and my phone is still not rooted when I got it I was thinking it was something else me not paying attention so is anyone is willing to help plz do I have a pd for app that’s just sitting there and I have the boost mobile prevail so I don’t have that much space to work with

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  75. 08:59, July 21, 2013iblisetan1989  / Reply

    im using aigoPadM60 have installed both superuser elite and superSU pro but when i verify using Root Checker pro its say :
    Root Access is not properly configured or was not granted.

    Super User Applications Status:
    Superuser application – version 3.1.3 – is installed!
    SuperSU application – version 1.41 – is installed!

    System File Properties for Root Access:
    Standard Location
    Check Command: ls -l /system/bin/su:
    Result: /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
    Analysis: File /system/bin/su does not exist.

    Standard Location
    Check Command: ls -l /system/xbin/su:
    Result: /system/xbin/su: No such file or directory
    Analysis: File /system/xbin/su does not exist.

    Alternative Location
    Check Command: ls -l /sbin/su:
    Result: /sbin/su: Permission denied
    Analysis: File system permissions restricted and denied access.

    Alternative Location
    Check Command: ls -l /system/xbin/sudo:
    Result: /system/xbin/sudo: No such file or directory
    Analysis: File /system/xbin/sudo does not exist.

    Root User ID and Group ID Status:
    SU binary not found or not operating properly

    System Environment PATH: /sbin /vendor/bin /system/sbin /system/bin /system/xbin

    ADB Shell Default User:
    ADB shell setting for standard access, stored in default.prop, is configured as: shell (non root) user – ro.secure=1

    Results provided on your aigoPadM60 device by Root Checker Pro version 1.3.3 from joeykrim in the Android Market – http://goo.gl/NcnHn

    I pay for it so please
    Need Help

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